Things to learn:
- God made our world
- God brought order to our world
- God provided places for us to live
- God created ways for food to grow
- Animals are part of God's plans for the world
- God made creation for people to use and enjoy
- God put people in charge of the world
- God asked us to care for creation
- People have been made in God's image

Finger Painted Earth

Worm Farms

Galaxy Jars


3D Printables

Creation Wheels

Scavenger Hunts

Youtube Video

Food creations
Use blue jelly, green jelly, jelly babies/animals and cream to make a picture of creation
SnackPlaydough Creation PictionaryVideo
Galaxy doughPreschool PlayBookmarks
Paper Plate CraftPipecleaner AnimalsNature Experiment
Earth CupcakesPlaydough EarthPlantable Earth