TOOLBOX Description

TOOLBOX is a group of documents that have been written to support the ‘Keeping them Safe’ manual. The purpose of these documents is to give examples and possible templates of policies, procedures and forms for the care of children and youth in church programme environments. These documents are free to download and edit to suit your own context.


The examples of Guidelines and Procedures in TOOLBOX are based on the “Keeping themselves Safe” document. They are not intended to be stand-alone policies or procedures but to guide Parish leaders to develop their own policies and procedures and  to give examples of problems that may arise and potential ways to respond to them. The TOOLBOX should be used in conjunction with the ‘Keeping Them Safe’ document as the TOOLBOX does not include everything from Keeping them Safe. Each parish needs to consider the specific context in which it is operating including programmes, buildings, expectations of leaders, potential needs and risks. These are “working documents” and will be added to and edited by Diocesan Youth and Children’s enablers with new scenarios intermittently.